Based abroad?
Missing Canadian

Canada VPN provides the solution.

Our service is simple

We provide you guaranteed access to Canadian websites and content abroad, on any device. Whether this is CBC, TVA or your National Lottery ticket etc. We can offer this because we are the only VPN provider that constantly monitors our Canadian servers to ensure 100% consistent access to key Canadian content such as CBC Gem.


So if you are based outside of Canada and missing access to key Canadian content, our service provides you guaranteed access all for the equivalent price of one coffee per month. So click below to get started.

We help you watch Canadian
content… and a lot more

1. Watch Canadian TV Abroad

A dedicated team monitors our servers to ensure 100% uptime to key Canadian sites. We Guarantee you access.

2. Easy To Install

Our apps are designed to be used by the non tech-savvy user. Install our service in under a minute.

3. Works On All Devices

Use our service on all your devices including your mobile/tablet (iOS/Android), laptop (Windows/Mac) and TV (Amazon Firestick).

4. Use Anywhere Globally

Our service can be used anywhere in the world. We have many customers from Spain to the US and also all across Asia.

5. Encryption

Benefit from military-grade encryption to provide total anonymity and protection from hackers when you browse the internet.

6. Super Fast Servers

We use the fastest servers possible to ensure a lightning fast experience when you use our service.

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All our plans have a FREE trial of at least 3 days. So try now, risk-free.

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$ 9
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2 years

$ 4
per month
  • Save 50%
  • $119.76 billed every 2 years

1 month

£ 8.99 per month

2 years

£ 3.99 per month
  • Save 50%
  • £95.76 billed every 2 years

Money back guarantee

We offer you a free trial with all plans, and a 30 day money back guarantee.